About us

Fabros is a successful IT company that develops and promotes mobile gaming applications. The company was founded in 2018 in Minsk, Belarus. It is a resident of the Belarus Hi-Tech Park.

Our Principles

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Broad knowledge

We like our employees to be engaged in various parts of a common task. We believe that it helps to develop flexibility and replaceability, as well as to enhance communication efficiency, which all together finally leads to shaping broad scope of knowledge.

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Ability to make active mistakes

We encourage an employee’s desire to achieve exceptional results in their work by bringing something new and untested into it. We recognize and accept the likelihood of making a mistake along the way.

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Apolitical nature

We resolutely eradicate any intrigue, destructive internal coalitions, appropriation of other people's achievements and any other manifestations of political games and “toxicity” in a team.

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Focus on the important

In our work we are always trying to focus on 20% of the most important tasks that bring the greatest value and explore them deeper than others.

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Job satisfaction

We are flexible if an employee desires to change the type of activity within the company, and we create the best conditions for work and rest in the office, i.e. we are doing our best to eliminate any discomfort and give the employees the opportunity to do what they love.

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Quick approval process

In our company decision making requires no more than two approvals. Thereby we are striving to eliminate any obstacles that might interfere with a worker’s bold creative initiatives.

We are always looking for the most effective people!

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